Treatment Protocols & Signature Treatments

Healing Earth Clients can enhance their inner beauty and achieve optimal results through our tailored skincare ceremonies and rituals, and our advanced treatment procedures. Healing Earth facial treatments incorporate a wide range of massage techniques combined with aromatic blends of natural ingredients, herbal poultices, hot stones, rose quartz and jade crystals.

Healing Earth massage rituals draw on traditions from around the world, from aromatherapy and deep tissue to Thai, Kahuna, hot stone and Swedish, while keeping authentic African rituals at the heart of each treatment. The rich blends of natural ingredients used in each massage are formulated to hydrate, relax, detoxify, balance and uplift. Healing Earth Body Journeys include a range of gentle yet effective body polishes, oils, balms and wraps, all customised to suit clients’ individual needs.

Our Hand and Foot Treatments include traditional African rituals combined with modern grooming techniques. All Healing Earth Retreat treatments have been designed to benefit men, women and children.  Our unique Signature Treatment Protocols take each individual’s needs to a new level of treatment excellence.