As consumers grow increasingly tired of endless new products promising miracle cures, there has been a conscious move towards more holistic therapies that put spiritual and emotional wellbeing on a par with external appearance. Ultimately, spa customers purchase a product or treatment because they want to feel better about themselves; whether they recognise it or not. It is the overall experience that delivers that feeling of renewal rather than an individual oil, cream or scrub. By viewing mind, body and soul as one inseparable whole, and refusing to accept that a purely superficial benefit is enough to offer in return for a customer’s loyalty, our unique approach emphasises the intuitive skills and mental wellbeing of the spa therapist above all else.

We believe that therapists have the power to turn a spa visit into a truly transformational experience. It is the combination of therapist and products, rather than just the products, that earns the trust of a client. On this basis, the client experience needs to be completely designed around a therapist’s self-knowledge and mindfulness. Any internal emotion or turmoil on their part will in turn have a negative effect on the client’s energy during the treatment and block the flow of positivity from one to the other. Developing an immediate rapport with clients, confidently leading them through every step of their visit and understanding the impact of the unspoken inner world on a spa treatment are just some of the factors that require attention in order to create a memorable experience. From masseurs to beauty therapists, spa managers to receptionists, all need to tune into their own inner beauty in order to deliver effectively in the work environment.

A cornerstone of the Healing Earth philosophy is success through ongoing education and support. As well as offering hands-on assistance in the setting up of a spa or retreat, our internationally experienced trainers offer an inspiring spa training program focused on personal development, respect for other cultures and love for Mother Earth. Each course is a blend of product and spa therapy theory, spa therapy practical demonstrations and hands-on practical workshops.  In addition to the beauty therapy training and product insight, Healing Earth trainers believe in searching deeper down to the inner core of each individual in order to create genuine, lasting transformations.