Spa Services

Healing Earth is a leading and innovative company consisting of a family of enthusiastic, committed and value-driven individuals intent on sharing sustainable, holistic health and living with partners around the world. Our training goes far beyond product knowledge and signature therapies. We strongly believe that the therapist is wholly responsible for the experience of the client, and our goal is therefore to transform therapists into educated, intuitive professionals who are able to greatly enhance the spa experience and make significant changes to the future generation of wellness practitioners. 


As consumers grow increasingly tired of endless new products promising miracle cures there has been a conscious move towards more holistic therapies that put spiritual and emotional wellbeing on a par with external appearance. Ultimately, spa customers purchase a product or treatment because they want to feel better about themselves.
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Drawing on our rich experience in the field, we create unique and celebrated spa and hospitality concepts for our partners. Such projects are all about building loyalty, continuity and memorable experiences. The consulting side of our business delivers concept development, interior design, operating procedures and day-to-day advice.
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Clients can enhance their inner beauty and achieve optimal results through our tailored skincare ceremonies and advanced treatment procedures. Healing Earth treatments incorporate a wide range of massage techniques combined with aromatic blends of natural ingredients, herbal poultices, hot stones and jade crystals.
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