Our greatest delight lies in sharing Africa with the world. Healing EARTH™ products are pure, containing no artificial colours, chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetics or other harmful ingredients. Only pure organic botanicals and indigenous plant extracts are used in our holistic collection of products. We support local organic farming and use only pure, organic essential and indigenous oils and natural active ingredients.

Our spa range has been developed with the insight gained from many years of experience in the beauty and wellness industry, and caters directly to the needs of premium, holistic spas. Our products are divided into families that aim to address specific skincare needs: Kalahari Melon for hydration, Marula for softening and relaxing, African Ginger for slimming, Pinotage for its strong anti-oxidant qualities, African Potato for healing and repairing, and Mongongo Nut for detoxifying.

All Healing Earth products have been developed in a clinical, professional environment by leading scientists in the cosmetic industry. Toxicology reports, quality control and product information dossiers for the international and South African markets are compiled by John Knowlton C.Chem, MRSC, Dip. Cos. Sci. (GB) and John Hopkins BSc, PhD, M I Biol, C Biol. Product development and sourcing of active ingredients is carried out by Louise Botes N. Dipl. Cosmetic Science, N. DiplFood Technology, Member of Coschem. Louise brings several years of formulation design and experience to the brand, and is committed to sourcing only the highest quality ingredients.