Healing Earth Foundation

Miracle-making with the Healing Earth Foundation

Our latest Healing Earth workshops at Cape women’s centres were spent investigating the meaning of miracles and celebrating the miracles of the female body.

The personal development segment drew on A Course in Miracles and subsequent teachings by Marianne Williamson and Gabby Bernstein. We explored how a miracle is merely a change in perception, and looked at all the things we wanted to shift perception on in our lives.

For some of the ladies this was a real breakthrough (as it was for us when we first discovered it), as they finally realised that they have power over how they see and experience the world.

On this high note, we went into a yoga class that explored the miracle of our bodies – how they move and function despite our constant criticism. The ladies were reminded to change their perceptions of their bodies and their abilities throughout the classes, and this gentler, more accepting approach lead to a more enjoyable experience for all.

We can’t wait until next weekend’s workshops!