Healing Nutriology Superfoods

The Future of Superfoods is Here

They’ve arrived – divine tasting holistic blends of functional superfoods in beautifully packaged and convenient targeted formulations. We’ve searched the world to find the best in adaptogenic and medicinal herbs, functional nutrition and pure energy sources, finally finding all of this and more in the unique Futuristic Superfoods range. 

This is the first development along our highly exciting Healing Nutriology journey, in which we will be bringing you superior superfoods with far higher percentages of active nutrients than anything you’ve encountered before. Powerful ingredients for powerful effects!

Whether you’re in need of hormone optimisation, sustainable invigoration, plant-powered vitality or a fortified immune system, there’s a blend for you. Inspired by ancient Aztec energy, Maca Coffee supports optimal physical and mental stamina, naturally. A functional blend of vegetable proteins and fibre, Burn Out Reset supports the body’s defences against stress. Good Night Sleep and Dream contains calming herbs and flowers, and Imuno Safe Cells is packed with medicinal mushrooms to maintain a healthy system. Each synergistic blend is ready to simply be mixed with water or your favourite non-dairy milk alternative and enjoyed as an easy on-the-go power drink or even meal. 

Take your spa or wellness offering to the next level by offering your discerning guests a comprehensive inside-out approach that includes both holistic facial and body treatments and functional superfood nutrition. Aside from being a great addition to spas, the range will be hugely popular at retail outlets including speciality health stores with discerning clientele.