Healing Earth Zuri Zanzibar

Healing Earth Partners with Zuri Zanzibar


Healing Earth is a proudly African wellness brand offering the best quality pure skincare products coupled with a globally-renowned holistic spa and wellbeing offering. We are indeed a fitting match for Zuri Zanzibar, the stunning island resort that invites guests to experience the best of natural African splendour against the backdrop of the mesmerizing azure waters of the Indian Ocean.


Both Healing Earth and Zuri Zanzibar have the same vision for all who experience their offerings – for them to be able to close their eyes, empty their minds, and balance and restore themselves both physically and emotionally. At Healing Earth we have mastered the art of bringing memorable, multi-sensory African experiences to discerning guests across the globe. We not only offer the highest quality in pure products that nurture both the human body and the natural systems that support it, but also mentor conscious therapists to lovingly spoil guests with treatments and experiences that serve to revive and uplift them on a body, mind and soul level.


‘Zuri’ means ‘beauty’ in Swahili, the language of the island of Zanzibar. While the luxurious sea-front property offers the best in beautiful natural surrounds, Healing Earth combines the intelligence of nature with cutting-edge technology to achieve optimum results and ageless beauty by restoring natural health and balance, encouraging guests to step back into nature and return to the source of their true beauty and wellbeing. We strongly believe in going beyond outer beauty and enabling people to connect to their inner radiance. What better place to experience this than in the other-worldly Maua Wellness centre, with its beautifully outfitted massage rooms, salon, Jacuzzi decks, sunbeds, swimming pool, fitness centre, yoga gardens, tea nooks and more?


While Zuri aims to be as self-sufficient as possible, at Healing Earth we use only bio-identical active ingredients, organic essential oils, and sustainably sourced Fairtrade botanicals. Together we align to create a truly sustainable luxury offering that nurtures both the people lucky enough to experience it and the Earth that sustains it. In the same way as Zuri plays a large part in the Zanzibari community by empowering local hospitality students and using as many local products as possible, at Healing Earth we believe very strongly in uplifting the communities in which we operate. Our weekly workshops at women’s centres incorporate a variety of mental, emotional and physical healing modalities that give them the courage and conviction to lift themselves out of their cycles of misfortune. We are honoured to be able to give back in this way, and to be able to combine our social development efforts with those of the conscious and magnanimous Zuri team.


Join Zuri Zanzibar and Healing Earth in a world where the mind is calmed, the senses are heightened and the body is revived while the world is made a better place for the Earth and all her beings.