A Breakthrough in Natural Anti-Ageing Technology

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of our revolutionary new plasma devices for at-home and professional use. After meticulous research and vetting of many products, we decided to become the sole distributor for Plabeau plasma devices on the African Continent as well as in other regions such as the Maldives, Indian Ocean and certain parts of Europe.

Why Plasma?

Plasma temporarily changes the lipid structure of the skin, creating temporary pores to allow for the delivery of large substances such as vitamins, peptides and hyaluronic acid, and thereby increasing the absorption of the active ingredients found in high performance skincare.

Why Plabeau?

Plabeau is the world’s first portable beauty device with plasma technology, delivering clinically proven benefits for the skin. It’s completely safe for home use on all ages and skin types. It enhances the absorption of active ingredients, boosts collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, refines the poresand overall skin texture, soothes irritated skin, hydrates the skin and removes harmful bacteria from the skin. From anti-ageing, whitening and sterilising to revitalising, Plabeau is meticulously designed to provide the ultimate beauty experience.

Plasma Plabeau Benefits

Skin Purification

Plasma removes sebum and debris from the skin and alleviates various skin troubles by purifying it from bacteria, fungus, viruses and even super bacteria.


Plasma accelerates the skin regeneration process by promoting blood circulation and activating fibroblasts to boost collagen production.

Enhanced Skin Healing

Plasma has been proven to reduce irritation, acne inflammation and minor skin infections by promoting the regeneration of the skin-healing fibroblasts that are responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Studies show that plasma improves the aesthetic condition of the skin in a safe, effective alternative to traditional acne and minor skin infection treatments.

Skin Brightening and Whitening

Plasma enables the skin to regenerate at a faster rate than that of the pigment cells. This refines skin tone and clarity, and helps to remove blemishes and dark spots. A more even skin tone and colour are achieved through daily use of the Plabeau device.

“The plasma device is true to the Healing Earth brand ethos of natural, non-invasive advanced skincare – enhancing the effectiveness and absorption of Healing Earth products,” shares Healing Earth Founder and CEO Elisabeth Brandt.

Exciting Launch Specials

For professional use: Order any Healing Earth spa facial and body care products to the value of R35 000 and receive a FREE Plabeau professional device, PLUS two professional size facial serums (one Hyaluronic, and the other of your choice).
For private use: Buy a Plabeau plasma home care device and receive a FREE Healing Earth Rosehip and Marula & Rose Serum.

Contact info@healingearth.co.za for more information or to place your order.

Journey to Wellbeing with Healing Earth

“Realise deeply that the present moment is all you have.” – Eckhart Tolle

Leading the market in pure and premium spa-quality lifestyle amenities, Healing Earth is proud to extend its repertoire of luxury bespoke lifestyle amenities to include the beautiful Healing Journeys collection.

Healing Journeys has been born out of Healing Earth Founder Elisabeth Brandt’s own travels through Africa, and harnesses the continent’s rich healing and sensory properties.

Made from a careful selection of expertly formulated pure aromatherapy oils, the collection aims to transport discerning guests on a journey to relaxation and wellbeing.

“We want guests using the products to be able to smell, feel and enjoy the rich natural resources of Africa, creating an emotional connection with the destinations they visit and the memories they create,” shares Brandt.

Natural bases the likes of argan, jojoba and grapesed oil play host to nourishing and invigorating aromatherapy oils including basil, jasmine, clary sage and more.

No stone is left unturned in the premium in-room experience. Gently cleansing shampoo, naturally hydrating conditioner, uplifting hand and body wash and fragrant hand and body lotion cover all bases. Sunscreen and after sun gel are must-haves for sun-seeking travellers. Luxurious foam bath, bath salts, room mist spray and pillow and linen mist spray create the perfect ambience, while an innovative instant glow formulation revives and uplifts weary guests.

The unique aromatherapy formulations of the exotic range are unlike any others, and the result of years of research into world-class lifestyle amenities.

The collection is also an extension of Healing Earth’s strong commitment to creating environmentally friendly products, and its launch is accompanied by the unveiling of the brand’s new biodegradable and recyclable earth-friendly accessories. Made from 100% stone paper, bamboo and coconut, these include everything from bath loofahs and shower caps to toothbrushes, shaving kits and more – the perfect finishing touch to the luxury eco-conscious destination. Even the Healing Earth soap is now wrapped in beautiful 100% stone paper – another innovation setting them up as leaders in conscious hospitality.

We have no doubt that the new offerings are going to elevate the guest wellbeing experience to unprecedented levels!

Contact marketing@healingearth.co.za for more information or to place your order.

Healing Earth Now Available on Amazon.com!

We are thrilled to announce that a selection of our best-selling products is now available for purchase in the USA, Australia, much of Europe and certain destinations throughout Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific via Amazon.com.

We have heard from so many travellers who have fallen in love with our pure and premium spa products and lifestyle amenities at the five-star destinations they’ve visited across the globe, and wanted to purchase them to keep a piece of the memorable experience alive once back home.

While we have been assisting with direct orders through our head office, the Amazon development now makes purchasing your favourite Healing Earth product a matter of a few simple clicks.

The following bestsellers are available for purchase on Amazon:

African Potato Face & Body Balm
Lemon Verbena & Argan Oil Hand & Body Lotion
Lemon Verbena & Argan Oil Bath & Shower Gel
Lemon Verbena & Argan Oil Room Mist Spray
Marula & Neroli Body Polish
Marula & Neroli Body Oil
Marula & Neroli Body Balm
Kalahari Melon Body Polish
Kalahari Melon Body Oil
Kalahari Melon Body Balm
Coffee, Cinnamon & Orange Body Polish
Coffee, Cinnamon & Orange Body Oil
Mongongo Nut Body Polish
Rhythm Body Butter
Stillness Body Butter
Forest Body Butter
Jasmine & Baobab Facial Serum
Marula & Rose Facial Serum
Neroli & Rose Facial Serum
Rosehip Facial Serum

Click here to start shopping!

Healing Earth in House & Garden Magazine

Our gorgeous new white Lemon Verbena & Argan Oil lifestyle amenities collection is right at home in the December edition of Condé Nast House & Garden SA!

The pure and premium bathroom amenities are both natural and eco-friendly and sophisticated and elegant – the perfect match for the chic and conscious home, hotel or lodge.

Lemon Verbena & Argan Oil Collection Reaches New Heights

The cornerstone of the Healing Earth luxury eco-friendly amenities range, our Lemon Verbena & Argan Oil collection has come to be recognised as an icon at discerning five-star destinations across the globe. Its pure and premium quality coupled with natural earth-, people- and animal-friendly ingredients have lead to its rapid international reception, and the collection is now celebrated in prestigious lodges the likes of andBeyond Africa, Elewana Collection, Wilderness Safaris, Mantis Collection, Mala Mala, Royal Malewane, Shamwari and Tintswalo Group (to name just a few) in Africa, the Emerald Collection in Zanzibar, Duniye Spa Group, Hurawalhi Island Resort and Kudadoo Maldives Private Island in the Maldives, and – most recently – an exciting new market in Europe and the US.

The unique and inspirational spa-quality lifestyle range is truly one of a kind. Based on the well-researched and effective natural aromatherapy oils of lemon verbena and argan oil, the expert blend of African plants and oils creates the perfect synergy for pampering both the skin and hair. Their aromatic scent is both uplifting and refreshing, and the antioxidant power is gently but deeply hydrating, so guests can enjoy a spa-quality experience in the comfort of their rooms. Manufactured in eco-friendly biodegradable containers with 100% natural ingredients, they’re gentle on and respectful of the precious Earth from which their powerful natural actives are derived.

Expanding on the immense success and popularity of the range, we have gone a step further to improve the formula with even higher concentrations of natural aromatherapy oils. We have also expanded the range to include a full Bath Butler service that complements the existing foundational hair and body care products with everything from essentials like mouth wash, lip balm, SPF, insect repellant and after sun gel to luxuries like instant glow facial spray, bath oil, body polish and pillow and linen mist.

What’s more, we now offer the full collection in two beautiful packaging options – our iconic amber for more traditional, earthy and African-inspired properties, and a fresh and contemporary white frosted glass finish for seaside or more modern-inspired destinations. We’ve updated the design on all packaging to reflect a refreshing contemporary style, and of course retained our eco-friendly material throughout.

Discerning luxury travellers (and home owners who simply want to set their bathrooms apart!) can now enjoy even more powerful ingredients, novel products, a contemporary design and two beautiful packaging options – all based on the same iconic product they’ve come to know and love.

We’ll be launching our re-branded and revolutionised spa product collection very soon too, so watch this space for even more exciting news!

As shared by our lovely Business Development Manager Elizabeth Davie, “All this is only possible with your generous help, and we couldn’t be more passionate about and excited to share our new developments with you. We value the deeply personal relationships we foster with each of our clients, and strive to be attentive to their feedback and needs. Always leading from the heart, we have heard, considered and implemented all your invaluable feedback, and hope that you are as thrilled with the result as we are. Thank you for continuing to improve and evolve with us – together we can continue to share a truly world-class offering.”

For further information contact communications@healingearth.co.za. To place an order, contact gm@healingearth.co.za. For new client queries, contact marketing@healingearth.co.za.

Healing Ocean an Eat Drink Cape Town Favourite

A big thank you to the inimitable Sonia Cabano of Eat Drink Cape Town for the sterling review of our Healing Ocean collection and pure aromatherapy luxury candles! Read what she has to say here...

Healing Earth Releases Premium Natural Hand Sanitiser

A necessity for Capetonians, water-saving habits are becoming a priority for people everywhere as we are faced with an increasing need to find sustainable ways to conserve our precious natural resources.

While using waterless hand sanitiser is a great way of managing personal hygiene whilst cutting down on water usage, sanitisers made with alcohol, preservatives and harsh chemicals can be harmful to your health. Your skin absorbs everything you put onto it, and the ingredients in these sanitisers can harm your microbiome and affect your immune system by killing off the good bacteria that keep you healthy.

There is hope, though! Healing Earth has created a premium natural hand sanitiser that’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, yet contains no harmful ingredients. Made from pure aromatherapy oils of lemon verbena and argan oil, it’s beneficial to both the environment and your health.

It’s housed in a handy 250 ml pump bottle that can be dropped into your bag for travel as well as an elegant 200 ml glass bottle for your home. It’s not only pure, natural and free from colourants, chemicals and artificial preservatives, but also deeply nourishing and boasts an uplifting fragrance.

For further information contact communications@healingearth.co.za.

Healing Earth Scoops Prix d’Excellence Award

From across the African continent to Europe, the USA and beyond, discerning clients, media and industry leaders around the world have been raving about our famous African Potato Face & Body Balm as a wonder product since we introduced it to the market as the first of its kind.

Since then, it has won numerous awards and acclaim, both local and international. Most recently, Marie Claire has named it Best Local Product in their prestigious Prix d’Excellence de la Beauté awards for 2018. Each year, Marie Claire rounds up, tests and celebrates the best beauty products in the world in the highly-anticipated awards. This year, they enlisted the help of some of the most knowledgeable and hands-on women in the industry to help them judge the prestigious awards. More than two months were spent testing the products and carefully choosing the best of the best in each category.

Packed with vitamins, minerals and powerful organic bio-identical active ingredients, the award-winning multi-purpose balm boasts an unmatched concentration of pure actives that elevate it to a league of its own. It can be used on the whole family to assist in any kind of damaged or sensitized skin, from wound healing to eczema, psoriasis, chapped lips, skin allergies and more. It can also be used as a powerful antioxidant face mask, and is exceptionally nourishing for environmentally challenged skin. All told, it’s the ultimate SOS balm for healing and reparation on the whole body, including the face.

“This balm is a wonder product that treats everything from rashes and acne to dryness and skin discolouration. It can even be used to nourish split ends,” says Marie Claire.

“I love the versatility of this product. It can be used to hydrate the face, body and hair, so it’s a great multitasker if you’re travelling or on the go,” adds judge and makeup artist Tatum Tomic.

We are so proud that our legendary creation continues to make waves in the industry and help people across the globe achieve their best skin (and hair!)…naturally.

Healing Earth on Fairlady Magazine Lust List

SPOTTED! Our Organic Rosehip Radiance Facial Serum on the Fairlady Magazine January Lust List.

We’re so happy that natural skincare is finally gaining its deserved mainstream media attention.

Make 2018 the year you commit to getting your glow on…naturally.

InFlight Magazine’s Top Picks

We’re honoured that our Rosehip Oil was chosen as an InFlight Magazine top gifting pick!

Made from from organic rosehip oil that’s easily absorbed into the skin, the miracle serum is great for firmer, softer, smoother, clearer and positively glowing skin all day long.

Hello, rosy cheeks!