Healing Earth Spoils Carehaven Ladies

While we are committed to caring for the environment through the creation of pure, natural and biodegradable products, we are as passionate about community development and social upliftment.

In addition to running weekly yoga and personal development workshops at Cape Town women’s centres, our Foundation also sponsors pamper products for the ladies on special occasions.

We loved being able to provide the gifts for Carehaven Shelter’s latest high tea event, and hope the ladies will get as much pleasure from using them as we did from creating them.

Healing Earth Supports Children’s Hospital Trust

“Dear Healing Earth Team.

On behalf of the Children’s Hospital Trust, which advances child healthcare through the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, I would like to sincerely thank you for generous sponsorship of the Healing Earth lifestyle hamper for our auction and fundraising dinner at Foliage restaurant in Franschhoek on the 8th August.

This hamper/bid was successfully purchased at R2000 and contributed towards a collective auction amount of R48 700. These proceeds will go towards supporting our latest fundraising project, the equipping of the new Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

Your sponsorship has helped us in raising funds for vital equipment needed to ensure this life-saving unit can continue its incredible work.”

– Children’s Hospital Trust

We are honoured to have been able to support this worthy cause in our small way!

Choosing Happiness with Healing Earth

We presented beautiful Healing Earth Foundation workshops for 16 women at Cape shelters over the weekend.

After easing our bodies and minds with a beginner evening yoga flow, we explored the purpose of happiness and why it is good for us, what happiness has to do with living authentically, why circumstances have a negligible effect on our happiness, and why nothing but ourselves can “make” us happy.

As usual, the ladies were wonderfully receptive and it was a rewarding experience all round. We can’t wait until our next check-ins!

Follow Your Joy with the Healing Earth Foundation

We thoroughly enjoyed presenting Healing Earth Foundation workshops for 20 women at Cape shelters over the weekend.

The personal development section of the workshops explored the difference between chasing happiness and following our true joy. The ladies explored how to know when they’re following their true joy by contemplating questions like “When do I feel most alive?”, “What do I really love to do?”, “When do I feel that I am living purposefully?” and “When am I truly expressing myself?” They were very engaged in the process, and some of their answers really blew us away.

As many of these women are carrying much emotional and physical tension, the yoga segment of the workshops focused on releasing tight necks, shoulders and backs, and everyone was positively glowing afterwards!

We so look forward to sharing the highlights of our next sessions with you.

Healing Earth Foundation Launches Weekly Yoga & Personal Development Workshops

We’re thrilled to honour this Mandela Day by announcing the launch of our weekly HEALING EARTH FOUNDATION personal development and yoga workshops at iHATA and Carehaven shelters for abused women.

Underprivileged women in South Africa are extremely vulnerable to abuse, neglect and oppression in its many forms. While support is often at hand, many of these women are too afraid or don’t believe in themselves enough to seek it out. At Healing Earth we believe in teaching women to love and honour themselves through a variety of mental, emotional and physical healing modalities, giving them the courage and conviction to lift themselves out of their cycles of misfortune.

Our personal development workshops aim to improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realisation of dreams and aspirations. They take the form of a series of structured and effective courses, including the Happiness Program, the Soul Purpose course, Mirror Work and Effortless Change training, Heal Your Life and Emotional Freedom Technique workshops, educational and inspirational films and documentaries, guided meditations, and more.

Yoga is proven to improve body-mind relationship, reduce fear and anxiety, build self-esteem, process trauma and more. At Healing Earth we practise Kundalini yoga, which helps one to tap into inner guidance, deeply relax, manifest desires, connect with community and turn karma into dharma. Regular yoga practice can also help women boost their metabolism, improve the functioning of their organs, enjoy healthy, glowing skin, balance hormones, reduce blood pressure, improve health during pregnancy, and more.

We are so excited about these new weekly sessions, and look forward to keeping you updated on the ladies’ progress!

Healing Earth Supports Tygerberg Children’s Hospital

Yesterday was a big day for the Healing Earth family. We had the privilege of donating 100 shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and soap hampers – as well as various other pamper surprises – to the little souls in the Tygerberg Hospital children’s oncology ward.

We were so inspired by the kids’ hope and courage in the face of such great odds, and are humbled by the fact that we got to serve them in some small way. The hospital is always in need of toiletries and other donations in kind.

If you or your company have anything you’d like to contribute, you can get in touch with Laticia at Laticia.Pienaar@westerncape.gov.za to arrange the handover.

Healing Earth Foundation Supports Fire Victims

Imizamo Yethu residents are working hard to rebuild their lives after the devastating blaze that destroyed over 3,000 shacks last Saturday.

It has been an honour and a privilege for us to offer our assistance by donating bulk Healing Earth body wash and shampoo for the suddenly resourceless residents.

We are filled with such admiration for all the people who have rallied together to donate and sort clothes, food and toiletries.

Well done for facilitating the project, Ambleside School of Hout Bay!

Experiences of a Healing Earth Foundation Intern: Part 2

“I’m grateful for the opportunity of assisting the Healing Earth Foundation’s work at
the iHatha Shelter. After an introduction to the women and children and
observing the yoga classes, I got the chance to do classes for personal
development with the teenagers and moms in the second week. As I recently
finished my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology in Berlin and have been
part of a diagnostics and research team for trauma, I was excited to make
first experiences here in Cape Town and furthermore at such a special
place as the shelter. I was impressed by how deep the classes got into
very intimate and touching issues and by how open the groups were to work
with me. This was one of the experiences that assured me on becoming good
at what I’m learning and sharing it. Thank you very much, Healing Earth, for
letting me have that experience!” – Mira Assmann

A Visitor’s Experience of the Healing Earth Foundation

It’s always nice to hear an “outsider’s” thoughts on the work we do through the HHealing Earth Foundation. The lovely Liesl G joined us at our workshops at IHATA Shelter for Abused Women & Children last week, and wrote a beautiful blog post about the experience.

Healing Earth Foundation in Premier Magazine

What a stunning feature on our special little ‪Healing Earth Foundation in the Feb issue of the Bidvest Premier Magazine! Always rewarding when our efforts are recognised and shared with others who may also be able to make a difference in their small way…