Healing Earth Partners with CCFA to Protect Africa’s Wildlife

As leaders in conscious hospitality and wellbeing, Healing Earth is proud to announce our support of CCFA – the Community Conservation Fund Africa NPC.

Founded by one of our prestigious partners – Mantis – CCFA recognises the urgent need for the tourism industry to play a greater role in conservation and community upliftment which will benefit Africa’s wild animals and wilderness at a time when both are under threat.

Without Africa’s wildlife, wilderness and community involvement there will be no tourism industry in Africa, so this initiative has been created both as an act of humanity and of pragmatism.

CCFA is a grant-giving organisation that is active in educating and empowering local communities to implement sustainable wildlife management systems on the ground. These solutions are funded by CCFA and its commercial partners.

Healing Earth has partnered with CCFA to donate a portion of proceeds from product sales to the organisation.

“It’s always been of utmost importance to us to partner with likeminded conscious partners to give back to the earth from which we draw our natural resources,” shares Healing Earth Founder and CEO Elisabeth Brandt. “We are excited about the positive change that this partnership will no doubt bring about, and encourage others to become involved to work towards the betterment of our wildlife, people and planet.”

For more information on CCFA and its initiatives, visit www.ccfa.africa.

The Future of Superfoods is Here

They’ve arrived – divine tasting holistic blends of functional superfoods in beautifully packaged and convenient targeted formulations. We’ve searched the world to find the best in adaptogenic and medicinal herbs, functional nutrition and pure energy sources, finally finding all of this and more in the unique Futuristic Superfoods range. 

This is the first development along our highly exciting Healing Nutriology journey, in which we will be bringing you superior superfoods with far higher percentages of active nutrients than anything you’ve encountered before. Powerful ingredients for powerful effects!

Whether you’re in need of hormone optimisation, sustainable invigoration, plant-powered vitality or a fortified immune system, there’s a blend for you. Inspired by ancient Aztec energy, Maca Coffee supports optimal physical and mental stamina, naturally. A functional blend of vegetable proteins and fibre, Burn Out Reset supports the body’s defences against stress. Good Night Sleep and Dream contains calming herbs and flowers, and Imuno Safe Cells is packed with medicinal mushrooms to maintain a healthy system. Each synergistic blend is ready to simply be mixed with water or your favourite non-dairy milk alternative and enjoyed as an easy on-the-go power drink or even meal. 

Take your spa or wellness offering to the next level by offering your discerning guests a comprehensive inside-out approach that includes both holistic facial and body treatments and functional superfood nutrition. Aside from being a great addition to spas, the range will be hugely popular at retail outlets including speciality health stores with discerning clientele. 

I Dreamt of Africa

“I am not African because I was born in Africa, but because Africa was born in me.” – Kwame Nkrumah

Thank you to Healing Earth’s amazing business development guru Elizabeth Davie for being so perfectly positioned to look after our distinctive clients.

She lives and breathes the brand and Africa as a whole, and it’s no wonder that her passion, commitment, vision and purpose reflect Healing Earth as the leading holistic brand it is.

Here we celebrate another wonderful refresher trainer at the magnificent andBeyond Travel Sossusvlei Desert Lodge to remain truly committed to the promises we make regarding customer care and continuous innovation and education.

The Future of African Wellness Hospitality

We are honoured to have been invited to present on wellness in the African hospitality space at the prestigious annual THINC Africa Tourism, Hotel Investment & Networking Conference. Our lovely business development guru Elizabeth Davie will be inspiring delegates with Healing Earth wisdom and philosophy over the next two days. Here’s to sharing and connecting!

Essence of the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

No visit to Africa is complete without experiencing the coffee ceremony that is Ethiopia’s traditional form of hospitality. An integral part of social culture, the ceremony is conducted by a young woman in the traditional Ethiopian white dress with coloured woven borders. The process starts with arranging ceremonial apparatus on a bed of long scented grasses.
The woman brings out washed green coffee beans and roasts them in a flat pan over a charcoal brazier, shaking the pan so the beans won’t burn. Once the coffee beans pop, the rich aroma of coffee mingles with the heady smell of incense that always burns during the ceremony. To heighten this sensory experience, after the coffee beans turn black the aromatic oil is drawn from them, and the woman walks around the room so the smell of roasted coffee fills the air. She returns to her seat to grind the beans with a pestle and mortar. The ground coffee is brewed in a black pot with a narrow spout, known as a ‘jebena’, and enjoyed. We’ve combined the intoxicating aroma of coffee with the sweet scents of orange and cinnamon in our very own spice pamper ritual.

Ultimate Pinotage Overnight Ritual

Our powerful range of therapeutic Pinotage facial care products harnesses the qualities of the vitamin C and E, antioxidants, omegas and polyphenols found in the Pinotage grape. With an abundance of natural skin-repairing botanicals in the seeds, skin and leaves of the grape, Pinotage enhances the protective function of the skin.

As well as skin renewal, this helps to counteract the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, cigarette smoke, alcohol consumption, drug intake, dietary fat and stress – all known as ‘free radicals’.

The Pinotage facial care range consists of cream and gel cleansers, a toner, polish, mask, eye creams, serums, and day and night creams. Here’s our ultimate winding down evening ritual (glass of Pinotage optional)…

Refresher Training at Zimbali Coastal Resort & Estate

We’ve just returned from another glorious client visit and refresher spa training experience, this time at the seaside paradise that is Zimbali Coastal Resort & Estate!

Guests can enjoy luxuriously indulgent and 100% natural Healing Earth treatments and products at the relaxing onsite Willow Stream – A Fairmont Spa…

Wellness from the Earth

As market leaders in holistic African beauty and wellness care, we hope to help as many people as possible to discover the healing powers of Africa’s rich natural resources, and the value of embracing earth-, animal- and people-friendly wellbeing solutions.

Each lovingly created Healing Earth product harnesses the restorative powers of Africa’s rich natural resources, and is made from only the purest natural active ingredients sourced from the continent’s powerful minerals, oceans, flowers, herbs, fruit, seeds and natural oils.

Respect your body AND the earth with pure, natural solutions to looking and feeling your best!

A New Spa for Kruger’s AM Lodge

We’ve just completed a wonderful spa training at the stunning new spa at AM Lodge in the Kruger National Park.

Thank you to our Head Trainer Mericia and the whole AM Team for making it such a memorable experience.

What a joy it is to be able to share holistic beauty and wellness in such a spectacular part of the world!

A Ritual to Remember

Our memorable and unique Organic Herbal Compress Ritual stems from an ancient Indian tradition of applying poultices to bring about healing.

We make use of indigenous knowledge systems by including African plants and herbs in our compresses, which lift away stress from deep within.

The sensual experience strengthens your circulatory system while simultaneously bringing about an increase in energy levels.

Visit our spas and partners pages to find out how you can experience the magic of Healing Earth’s signature rituals for yourself.