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Healing Earth a Fabulous Find

“One always thinks of their teen years as the time that our bodies go through lots of changes, but I’ve been surprised to find out how much things change when you hit the big 3-0. It’s like overnight I needed glasses, a second shot of espresso in my coffee, and to lavish more attention on […]

Are You Limited by Your Thoughts?

How limited are we (really) by our negative self-talk? Is it possible to adopt a more balanced and supportive view of ourselves and the world around us? At our latest Foundation women’s workshops we dove into the business of identifying, detaching from and reframing negative self-talk in its many guises. We identified triggers, resulting negative […]

Miracle-making with the Healing Earth Foundation

Our latest Healing Earth workshops at Cape women’s centres were spent investigating the meaning of miracles and celebrating the miracles of the female body. The personal development segment drew on A Course in Miracles and subsequent teachings by Marianne Williamson and Gabby Bernstein. We explored how a miracle is merely a change in perception, and […]

The Perfect Festive Gift

Looking for the perfect luxury gift that’s both eco-friendly and inspirational? Look no further than our pure aromatherapy soy candles. Available in our signature Marula & Neroli and Lemon Verbena fragrances, they create a wonderful ambience in any space and can be used as a decadent massage oil when melted.

Heritage Day with Healing Earth

We were so fortunate to be able to celebrate Heritage Day at our women’s outreach centres in Cape Town. We spent a wonderful afternoon honouring the special day with the ladies, exploring what it means to truly honour ourselves and respect each other – both as women and as South Africans. We faced and transcended […]

I Dreamt of Africa

“I am not African because I was born in Africa, but because Africa was born in me.” – Kwame Nkrumah Thank you to Healing Earth’s amazing business development guru Elizabeth Davie for being so perfectly positioned to look after our distinctive clients. She lives and breathes the brand and Africa as a whole, and it’s […]

On Gratitude & Goals

Our Healing Earth Foundation workshops over the weekend were centred around the theme of Gratitude and Goals. We were so moved by how the participants opened up to us about the challenges they felt were standing between them and the achievement of their goals, and after much encouragement and the exploration of a host of […]

In Celebration of Womanhood

Our Healing Foundation workshops over the weekend were filled with joy and laughter! We focused on encouraging attendees to celebrate their bodies, reclaiming their sense of their internal and external landscapes after the abuse/misfortune that has rendered them feeling powerless over their own beings. The weather was wonderful and we practised out in the sunshine. […]

Healing Earth Foundation Celebrates New Beginnings

We celebrated spring with outdoor Healing Earth Foundation workshops at our women’s shelters over the weekend. Our meditations, visualisations, journalling and personal development walks were all focused on new beginnings, and the yoga classes aimed to help the ladies ‘shake off’ the doldrums of winter and the past, loosening and strengthening their bodies for both […]