Healing Earth Releases Premium Natural Hand Sanitiser

A necessity for Capetonians, water-saving habits are becoming a priority for people everywhere as we are faced with an increasing need to find sustainable ways to conserve our precious natural resources.

While using waterless hand sanitiser is a great way of managing personal hygiene whilst cutting down on water usage, sanitisers made with alcohol, preservatives and harsh chemicals can be harmful to your health. Your skin absorbs everything you put onto it, and the ingredients in these sanitisers can harm your microbiome and affect your immune system by killing off the good bacteria that keep you healthy.

There is hope, though! Healing Earth has created a premium natural hand sanitiser that’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, yet contains no harmful ingredients. Made from pure aromatherapy oils of lemon verbena and argan oil, it’s beneficial to both the environment and your health.

It’s housed in a handy 250 ml pump bottle that can be dropped into your bag for travel as well as an elegant 200 ml glass bottle for your home. It’s not only pure, natural and free from colourants, chemicals and artificial preservatives, but also deeply nourishing and boasts an uplifting fragrance.

For further information contact communications@healingearth.co.za.