Healing Earth a Fabulous Find

“One always thinks of their teen years as the time that our bodies go through lots of changes, but I’ve been surprised to find out how much things change when you hit the big 3-0. It’s like overnight I needed glasses, a second shot of espresso in my coffee, and to lavish more attention on my skin. I was sent some Healing Earth products to trial and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect – these gentle, luxurious, natural products have been just what my thirsty, thirsty epidermis has needed to feel happy and healthy. The products are pure and organic, full of aromatherapy oils and plant extracts, and boasting anti-oxidant qualities. I’ve been using the Pinotage Cleansing Cream, which leaves my skin feeling supple and pampered, and a quick wipe of the toner adds a fresh zing to my routine. With some reluctance I’ve had to share my stash with my beloved, who battles with sensitive skin and bouts of eczema – but we’ve been pleased to find that these gentle products have done wonders for his skin too. By far my favourite is the Stimulating Face Serum, which I use in place of a night cream. I’ve never used an oil on my face before, and expected it to leave my skin gunky and, well, oily – but a couple drops every night have done incredible things for the dry skin around my eyes, and leave my skin beautifully balanced and radiant. Well impressed with these products, and definitely recommend them for those with sensitive skin like mine.” – Mind the Curves

Are You Limited by Your Thoughts?

How limited are we (really) by our negative self-talk?

Is it possible to adopt a more balanced and supportive view of ourselves and the world around us?

At our latest Foundation women’s workshops we dove into the business of identifying, detaching from and reframing negative self-talk in its many guises.

We identified triggers, resulting negative thoughts and subsequent emotions, helping each other to find evidence that counters the negative thoughts and construct new, empowering, beliefs.

Being able to share our most vulnerable selves and support everyone through this challenging but incredibly rewarding process was indeed a blessing and a privilege.

Miracle-making with the Healing Earth Foundation

Our latest Healing Earth workshops at Cape women’s centres were spent investigating the meaning of miracles and celebrating the miracles of the female body.

The personal development segment drew on A Course in Miracles and subsequent teachings by Marianne Williamson and Gabby Bernstein. We explored how a miracle is merely a change in perception, and looked at all the things we wanted to shift perception on in our lives.

For some of the ladies this was a real breakthrough (as it was for us when we first discovered it), as they finally realised that they have power over how they see and experience the world.

On this high note, we went into a yoga class that explored the miracle of our bodies – how they move and function despite our constant criticism. The ladies were reminded to change their perceptions of their bodies and their abilities throughout the classes, and this gentler, more accepting approach lead to a more enjoyable experience for all.

We can’t wait until next weekend’s workshops!