Exciting News from Healing Earth and &Beyond

As market leaders in holistic African travel, lifestyle, beauty and wellness amenities, Healing EARTH is the perfect partner for the &Beyond luxury African safari provider.

The driving force behind Healing EARTH is to share Africa with the world in a way that is sustainable for all involved. This includes creating products that are earth-, animal- and people-friendly, and harnessing the healing power of the continent’s rich natural resources in a way that supports both the land and her people. This vision and commitment is perfectly in line with the core ethos of &Beyond, which operates according to the pillars of Care of the Land, Care of the Wildlife, and Care of the People.

The fact that &Beyond’s discerning guests are used to the very best that Africa has to offer is another factor that made Healing EARTH a choice partner. With decades of experience in outfitting five-star destination hotels and spas, Healing EARTH has perfected the art of creating premium products that use only the highest standard of pure botanicals and indigenous plant extracts. Guests can be assured that the luxurious Healing EARTH products they enjoy in their rooms or at the spa contain no artificial colours, chemicals, parabens or other harmful ingredients.

Healing EARTH supplies guest amenities and spa treatments to all the &Beyond lodges across the African continent. The brand specialises in creating bespoke ranges for its unique clients, and has curated a private collection for &Beyond that is inspired by both its Earth and Ocean amenities ranges, as well as its Earth Soul spa body treatments.

&Beyond guests can look forward to spa-quality bathroom amenities in their rooms, as well as sensual indulgences the likes of Maasai, Zulu, Desert and Zanzi Spice celebrations at the spa.

Healing EARTH has also provided comprehensive spa training to the &Beyond teams in Tanzania, Zanzibar, Namibia, Mozambique and South Africa, ensuring that the products are used according to their world-class protocols.

“Our greatest delight lies in sharing the beauty and wisdom of Africa with the world, whilst maintaining the highest standards expected from a world-class luxury product. We are honoured to add &Beyond to our portfolio of high-end clients across the globe, and are thoroughly enjoying creating exceptional guest experiences based on our shared values of respect and caring for the continent, the earth and her people. Guests are sure to leave their &Beyond experiences with a piece of Africa forever etched in their souls”, shares Healing EARTH Founder and CEO Elisabeth Brandt.