Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review Lauds High Performance Range

Honoured that our new High Performance anti-ageing facial care range was noticed by the Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review and featured in their January edition! We always learn something from this comprehensive and informative resource, and are so chuffed that we made it onto their radar.

Mind, Body & Soul Health for Mommy & Little One

Happy to have helped both Hayley and Alyssa along their “Healthy Mind, Body & Soul” journey this year. And just look at little Alyssa having fun learning while learning about keeping the environment healthy too! Read about mom and daughter’s experiences of our eco-friendly and educational Beauties & Buddies children’s bathroom product range…

Nifty Tools for Conscious Mamas

We love Heart Mama‘s call to conscious parents to take advantage of our eco-friendly and educational Beauties & Buddies children’s bathroom product hampers. She tried the range with her little ones, and had this to say.

An Afternoon with the Healing Earth Foundation

Yesterday the ‪Healing Earth Foundation‬ team enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at iHata Shelter for Abused Women & Children in Heideveld. We conducted a mindful art therapy session in which the little ones coloured the most beautiful manifestation mandalas, and then took the older children through a series of Yoga4Kids gratitude exercises and a Heal Your Life workshop in which they unearthed all the limiting beliefs they’ve been brought up to believe, exploring how they can consciously turn these around to create an original sense of self and society. The afternoon ended on a really high note, with everyone leaving filled with love and inspiration. We can’t wait to take the same program to the SA Children’s Home on Friday!

Healing Earth Offers Wellness in the Wild

we so enjoyed being part of the Wellness in the Wild event for Classic Portfolio representatives at Cape Point Vineyards last Friday. The treatments in nature were idyllic, and the take-home Healing Earth goodies were very well received. What a spoil!

Experiences of a Healing Earth Foundation Intern: Part 1

Nineteen-year-old Gina Brandt has joined the Healing Earth Foundation as an intern and assistant, and has already learnt a great deal in her very first week with us. Here she recounts her introduction to our three 2016 beneficiaries:

“My first experience as an intern with the Healing Earth Foundation was fun, exciting and a real eye opener. I learnt about the Heal Your Life program by Louise Hay and the Yoga4Kids program which we do with the kids. These are aimed at bringing balance, focus, direction and joy to the little people that we work with. In Ihata Shelter for Abused women and children the children streamed in, all ages and backgrounds but all with a willing and excited mindset. They learnt about what it means to be a ‘yogi’ and the values they entail, like kindness, selflessness and discipline just to name a few. The little ones were engaged in our presence and enjoyed using different crayons to express themselves; they drew beautiful things like being in nature, the sun, flowers, angels and as far as their imagination could travel.

On Fridays we travel to SA Children’s Home in Gardens. These children are precious little beings, they all showed much happiness with large smiles and open hearts. They thoroughly enjoyed the different ways we can conserve our environment by drawing people planting plants, throwing away litter and saving water. With the teens we did some personal development, where they shared the doors they want to close in their lives and the ones they would like to open, in this way opening up their possibilities and dreams for the future. Our third beneficiary is St George’s Home for Girls in Wynberg, which has a very special and unique energy to work in. The girls have go-to energy and really began to understand the positive affirmations we did with them. They loved doing the word shower, where they compliment each other with positive words like ‘you are kind, you are beautiful and you are perfect,’ for example. They enjoy the love that their friends give them, which helps them release negative thoughts and breathe in positivity.

In the months to come we will be doing more exciting things like starting the yoga program where we work on their breathing, their flexibility and balance as well as their strength and also becoming more relaxed. This is highly beneficial to their schoolwork, relationships and development as little people in this big world.” – Gina Brandt

Including the Little Ones in the Bathroom Fun

We love how this little boy responded to having his very own range of products to try and enjoy. Read what he and his mommy had to say about our eco-friendly & educational children’s bathroom range here.

Holistic Beauty for all South Africans

We’re feeling very grateful for our beautiful overview and product listings on Beauty South Africa! We’re honoured to have made the cut, and hope to reach many more holistically-orientated health- and beauty-conscious South Africans through your informative and inspiring site.

Healing Earth Spoils at Mantis Collection VIP Event

The Mantis Collection VIP event at No 5 Boutique Art Hotel at the end of last year was such a great success that we’re still reminiscing! The Healing Earth Spa team gave the guests a real spoil, and the products were extremely well received. We are so proud of our flagship Port Elizabeth spa and our partnership with the prestigious Mantis group.

First Healing Earth Foundation Workshops for 2016

Yesterday we conducted our first Healing Earth Foundation Yoga4kids and Heal Your Life South Africa workshops at iHata Shelter for Abused Women & Children in Heideveld. We introduced the children to the non-physical aspects of yoga, beginning with a (kiddie-friendly) exploration of Yama, or the first of the eight limbs of yoga. The children explored the power that their words have to affect themselves and others, the difference between attaching to wants and appreciating needs met, ways in which to give back to the earth, the concept of discipline and what they do every day to respect and take care of themselves, and the importance of honesty and enthusiasm in their lives. As is tradition for our Foundation, we started the teens off on their personal development journey by examining all the things in their lives that they would like to “close the door on”, and all the “doors” that they would like to open for themselves going forward. All the participants were fully engaged in the workshop, and we left safe in the knowledge that our weekly workshops are positively influencing these important little lives. What an incredible way to start the year!