Inspired Living’s “Best Spa Experience to Date”

We’re honoured that Fiona Rossiter from Inspired Living has chosen our flagship retreat at Abalone House in Paternoster as her favourite South African spa! Read what she has to say about her experience here.

Abalone House & Spa Nominated for World Luxury Spa Awards 2016

We are so proud to announce that our flagship Healing Earth Retreat at Abalone House & Spa in Paternoster has been nominated as a candidate in the 2016 World Luxury Spa Awards (WLSA).

WLSA is recognised as the world’s leading awards initiative for luxury spas, and nominees and winners are known for setting benchmarks in quality, innovation and service for spas around the globe. Votes are based on feedback from spa guests and a panel of international spa industry professionals, and we can’t wait for voting to open and for all our loyal fans to become involved in the process.

A mere 90-minute drive from Cape Town, Abalone House & Spa is an intimate guesthouse known for its luxurious decor and endless views of the Paternoster bay. The property’s world-class Healing Earth Retreat offers guests the perfect wellness getaway, and is a true gem in our portfolio of prestigious flagship offerings.

Our New-Look Organic African Balms

Our ORGANIC AFRICAN BALMS have been developed with powerful indigenous ingredients and aromatherapy oils to maintain ultimate hydration and thus lessen the effects of ageing. Containing no harmful synthetic actives, they can be used regularly to promote healthy and radiant skin all year round. The carefully researched combinations of plant extracts act to bring about harmony in the body, creating vital energy based on the synthesis between nature, energy and the self.

Our Marula & Neroli Face & Body Balm contains mono-unsaturated fatty acids and rich antioxidants to nourish, hydrate and heal the skin. Rich in Vitamin C, linoleic, palmatic and stearic acids, it protects, feeds and restores the skin while calming and invigorating both body and mind thanks to the addition of the fragrant neroli.

Our African Potato Face & Body Balm harnesses the renowned healing properties of the African potato, an indigenous plant used for its medicinal qualities for thousands of years. Containing wonder ingredients sterols and sterolins, the African potato in our balm assists in the treatment of rashes, acne, skin discolouration and dry skin, to name a few. The balm boasts strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, curative and rejuvenating properties.

Our Mongongo Nut Detox Body Balm combines Mongongo oil (from the Southern African Manketti Tree) with Shea butter (rich in essential fatty acids) and a range of aromatherapy oils to provide a deeply hydrating treatment with an excellent buttery feel that detoxifies on a deep cellular level.

In our Kalahari Melon Body Balm the powerful antioxidant qualities of Kalahari oil combine with aromatherapy oils, Shea butter and pinotage oil to make a signature Healing Earth formula that is the ultimate body hydration and energy booster.

Our New-Look African Oils

Our NEW-LOOK ORGANIC AFRICAN OILS effectively address a broad spectrum of skin concerns. The pure actives are most effective when used alone after exfoliation, but can also be added to the bath or combined with body cream.

Perfect for intensely dry skin, our Mongongo Nut Oil contains strong hydrating properties that assist in cellular regeneration, promote tissue elasticity and fight free radicals, to name a few myriad qualities. High in linoleic acid, it is a deeply repairing as well as moisturising oil.

Our super hydrating and soothing Kalahari Melon Oil is great for last minute beauty, radiance and healing. The oil contains essential fatty acids and helps to restructure the epidermis. There’s a reason Bushmen can survive for up to six weeks on Kalahari Melons alone – they are intensely hydrating and restoring!

Although our African Ginger Oil harnesses the many benefits of the wonder plant, it is most effective in assisting with body contouring and firming. Known throughout Africa as “The Fruit of the King”, Marula is wonderful as a skincare ingredient for calming, refining and moisturising. It reduces trans-epidermal water loss, helps restore elasticity, contains vitamins C, E and D as well as fatty acids and anti-oxidants, and brightens dull and discoloured skin.

While coffee and cinnamon have both shown cellulite-reducing capabilities (with studies showing that the former in particular can slow down the rate at which the skin loses elasticity), oranges have also been said to keep the skin well toned. Combine these three wonder ingredients and what do you get? Our define & sculpt Coffee, Cinnamon & Orange Oil!

Our relaxing Marula & Neroli Oil combines the magic of Marula with sweet and fragrant neroli, traditionally used not only to relieve tension and anxiety, but also to increase circulation.

Healing Earth at Wellness Warehouse

Premium organic skincare previously only available in five-star spas, Healing Earth’s natural face, body and lifestyle products are now available at Wellness Warehouse. Drawing inspiration from the ancient healing energy of Mother Africa and combining only the purest plant and aromatherapy ingredients from her soil, Healing Earth is a market leader in holistic beauty and wellness care.


Healing Earth embraces a movement towards a cleaner earth. Environmental and sustainable issues are their passion, and they strive to produce the most pure and eco-friendly organic products while still delivering visible results to a range of different skin types. While the ingredients in each Healing Earth product are sourced in the most environmentally sustainable manner possible, the packaging is also recyclable and biodegradable.


Developed by leading cosmetic scientists, all Healing Earth ingredients are carefully selected and meticulously researched, ensuring a pure, organic product that connects users to the healing powers of Mother Earth. Furthermore, Healing Earth does not use any freeze-dry or excessive heating processes (which can hinder the efficacy of certain natural ingredients) in their manufacturing.

Their Earth Soul body care range is a luxurious fusion of aromatherapy and plant oils including Kalahari Melon, African Ginger, African Potato, Marula, Neroli, Coffee, Cinnamon, Orange, Baobab and Mongongo Nut. These ingredients, rich in anti-oxidants, combine into five families to treat concerns such as cellulite, weight gain, psoriasis, eczema, dehydration, skin ageing and water retention – to name a few. Each product is available in a scrub, body oil, body balm or corrective cream, providing a comprehensive solution to a variety of skin and body concerns. As a holistic solution, Healing Earth products aim to calm, nurture, balance and restore the mind, body and soul.


Healing Earth’s new range of lifestyle products is inspired by two unique and innovative ingredients – Lemon Verbena and Argan Oil. Designed to hydrate, heal and defend against ageing with their moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties, these ingredients combine to form the ultimate at-home ritual for both skin and hair. Included in the lifestyle range are shampoo, conditioner, hand and body lotion, room mist, foam bath, bath salts and shower gel.


With no fewer than 30 years of spa and skincare experience behind her, Healing Earth Founder and CEO Elisabeth Brandt is a true beauty and wellness ambassador. Healing Earth arose out of her realization of the global need for pure, natural and organic skincare that is not only kind to the skin, but to the planet too. The success of the brand is rooted in her innovative ideas and desire to share Africa with the world. Her inspiration continues to shape the offering into a complete spa and lifestyle concept that is represented both nationally and internationally. Healing Earth now offers a full range of treatments at its flagship spas in the Western Cape, Port Elizabeth and Zanzibar, as well as spa consulting, training and management services.

An Introduction to Healing Earth

What is Healing Earth?

After decades of working in the global spa industry, Elisabeth Brandt came to realize the international demand for pure, natural spa products and therapies sourced from the rich natural wealth of the African continent. Through her passion and determination to share the healing capabilities of Africa with the world, Elisabeth founded Healing Earth – a premium African spa brand that offers natural, organic products, therapies and spa concepts to discerning clients the world over.

What’s in our products?

From the depths of her roots to the tops of her trees, Africa offers a wealth of pristine natural ingredients. Healing Earth harnesses the restorative powers of the continent’s rich natural resources, lovingly creating pure organic products that are free from synthetic fragrances, colourants, petro chemicals, DEA, preservatives and parabens. Containing only the purest natural active ingredients, the indigenous, botanical skincare products are created from Africa’s powerful minerals, oceans, flowers, herbs, fruit, seeds and natural oils.

What do we believe in?

Healing Earth is not just about beauty on the outside, but about the source of inner wellbeing and the delicate balance between mind and body. The brand celebrates the power of aromatherapy and human touch, and all products and treatments are developed not only for their beauty-boosting properties but also for their soothing effect on stress and other emotional dis-ease.

Healing Earth advocates a nurturing, conscious approach to beauty that is based on love for oneself, one’s fellow human beings and the precious earth. Passionate about environmental and social responsibility, the brand not only offers pure organic solutions, but also packages these in 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials. All Healing Earth ingredients are bought from local farmers at Fairtrade prices, and the company employs previously disadvantaged workers wherever possible. The earth- and people-friendly brand is also animal-friendly, and neither the products nor their ingredients are tested on animals.

Are our products effective?

All Healing Earth products have been developed by leading cosmetic scientists to ensure that they are not only harmless, but also effective. The vitamin and antioxidant enriched formulas have been proven as successful hydration boosters, skin protectors and anti-agers, and they boast the essential fatty acids that enhance the skin’s natural radiance. In advanced skincare, natural ingredients may lose their effectiveness in certain micronizing processes. Healing Earth therefore does not use any freeze-dry or excessive heating processes in its production and manufacturing, employing rather natural preservation methods. The brand’s ISO certification attests to its high manufacturing standards and procedures.

What are our different ranges?

Healing Earth’s Earth Soul range is a sensuous collection of body polishes, oils, butters, creams and wraps that work together to complement each other in order to provide holistic healing results. Key ingredients that make up this range are Kalahari Melon, African Ginger, African Potato, Marula, Neroli, Coffee, Cinnamon, Orange, Baobab and Mongongo Nut.

The Healing Earth Pinotage range draws on the power of the proudly South African Pinotage grape cultivar, which provides the highest quality of cold-pressed oil extracts high in anti-oxidants, minerals, omegas and polyphenols. The Pinotage products combine the strong anti-oxidant qualities of Vitamin C and Vitamin E from the grape seed, skin and the leaves of the vine to provide the skin with a natural defence against harmful environmental factors such as the sun’s UV rays, cigarette smoke, alcohol consumption, drug intake, dietary fat and stress.

What else do we offer?

As well as offering leading spa products and treatments, Healing Earth has also created a range of luxury hotel amenities including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap, hand & body lotion, bath crystals, foam bath and room spray. All Healing Earth guest soaps are proudly handmade by members of previously disadvantaged communities near Cape Town.

Healing Earth is passionate about developing personal relationships with like-minded customers and partners who are also committed to loving, inspiring and sharing the wonders of Africa. Existing partners include the Singita Group, Wilderness Safaris, the Royal Portfolio Group, The Mantis Collection, the Plan Hotel Group in Tanzania and Kenya, Leading Hotels of the World (such as Hideaway of Nungwi and Dream of Zanzibar), Mirihi Island Resorts and Duniye Spa Group in the Maldives, to name a few.

A cornerstone of the Healing Earth philosophy is success through ongoing education and support. As well as offering hands-on assistance in the setting up of a spa or retreat, Healing Earth’s internationally experienced trainers offer an inspiring spa training program focused on personal development, respect for other cultures and love for mother earth. Each course is a blend of product and spa therapy theory, spa therapy practical demonstrations and hands-on practical workshops. In addition to the beauty therapy training and product insight, Healing Earth trainers believe in searching deeper down to the inner core of each individual in order to create genuine, lasting transformations. The brand’s extensive training program is now also available online, offering therapists, managers and spa owners 24 hour access to all spa related protocols at the click of a button.

For further information on the Healing Earth concept and offering call +27 21 555 1896, or e-mail

Paternoster Pampering

“A quaint yet luxurious beachside retreat, the ten-suite Abalone House offers an oasis of organic, natural and proudly South African pampering at its Healing Earth Spa…”

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Paternoster Pampering Healing Earth

Gold Review for Flagship Zanzibar Retreat

We couldn’t be more proud of our beautiful flagship spa at Gold Zanzibar Beach House & Spa!

“The Balinese-style spa at GOLD is not only a place for romance, but for holistic wellness and restoration too. Skilled therapists offer treatments and products developed by Healing Earth, a premium holistic spa brand inspired by Africa’s ancient energy. The Healing Earth spa concept harnesses the restorative powers of the natural world, incorporating elements such as neroli, marula, rose, African potato, Kalahari melon, mongongo nut and even Pinotage into a wide range of spa journeys, from bespoke facial ceremonies to therapeutic massage rituals and pampering body wraps, polishes and head-to- toe packages.”

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Healing Earth Gold Zanzibar

Natural Renewal with Healing Earth and Duniye Spa

A little bit of Healing Earth magic at Duniye Spa in the Maldives!

“Developed in line with the latest scientific research and containing only the purest natural active ingredients, the Healing Earth pure African botanical skin and body care range, as well as other organic products, are used at Duniye spas, with outstanding results. Treatments include massage techniques from around the world, transformative facials, invigorating body polishes, hand and foot treatments, hair treatments, grooming essentials, and more.”

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Healing Earth Duniye Spa Maldives

The Ultimate West Coast Indulgence

The media just can’t get enough of Abalone House & Spa!

And our flagship Healing Earth Retreat always receives a noteworthy mention:

“Disappear into further oblivion at the relaxing spa, which makes use of premium organic South African Healing Earth treatments and products. The brand’s Earth Soul range uses quality indigenous ingredients the likes of marula, Kalahari melon and mongongo nut in a range of indulgent oils, balms and scrubs. Spa experiences are tailor- made to invigorate, relax or de-stress. The spa space boasts a calming whitewashed beach house feel with fresh flowers and candles adding a luxurious touch.”

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Abalone House Spa Paternoster Healing Earth