Healing Earth Foundation Yoga4Kids Heal Your Life South Africa workshops  iHata shelter for abused women children

First Healing Earth Foundation Workshops for 2016

Yesterday we conducted our first Healing Earth Foundation Yoga4kids and Heal Your Life South Africa workshops at iHata Shelter for Abused Women & Children in Heideveld. We introduced the children to the non-physical aspects of yoga, beginning with a (kiddie-friendly) exploration of Yama, or the first of the eight limbs of yoga. The children explored the power that their words have to affect themselves and others, the difference between attaching to wants and appreciating needs met, ways in which to give back to the earth, the concept of discipline and what they do every day to respect and take care of themselves, and the importance of honesty and enthusiasm in their lives. As is tradition for our Foundation, we started the teens off on their personal development journey by examining all the things in their lives that they would like to “close the door on”, and all the “doors” that they would like to open for themselves going forward. All the participants were fully engaged in the workshop, and we left safe in the knowledge that our weekly workshops are positively influencing these important little lives. What an incredible way to start the year!